Welcome Friends!

I am running because I want to be your conservative advocate.   I want to strengthen South Mecklenburg and fight the forces of complacency and defeatism. 

As a proud Constitutional Conservative Republican, I believe in the power of Citizen Politicians.     I believe that when your leaders let you down, you have a moral obligation to fight back.

 Leadership is more than casting a vote.   Leadership is engaging the community, holding Town Hall meetings, funding causes and being prepared to use the courts to protect the conservative rights of citizens.  

Political service is more than winning an election.     Political service requires advocacy, and effective advocacy requires action rather than strong words.     It’s aggressive lobbying, traveling around the community, and advancing conservative values.  

The founding generation knew that all career politicians stopped becoming zealous advocates and would use the power of the incumbency to hide their complacency.    

I am the anti-career politician.  

 I believe in meeting with constituents, aggressively lobbying Raleigh when our voices are being ignored, and working with the legislature to improve the lives of the citizens of Mecklenburg County.  

As an elected official, I believe that ALL issues are relevant issues and constituents are tired of being told that some other elected official is at fault.  It’s time to take ownership.     

If you believe in these things too, I hope that I can earn your vote and become your District 6 Representative on the County Commission.

God Bless,

Joel Levy